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The Blog of Champions has moved! You can now find us here. The site is still in development mode, but you can still read the great content.


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Podcast 2

This is our second podcast, here at The Blog of Champions. You can listen to it here.  Enjoy!

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Jennings to Europe

Brandon Jennings, top high school basketball recruit, committed to Arizona, is headed for Europe.  This will be a landmark move for college basketball, writes Jason Whitlock. Whitlock is right. Student-athletes, aren’t exactly ‘students’. And something needs to be done. Maybe Brandon Jennings is the next star in the NBA. But what he if loves playing in Europe, and subsequently stays there? How does the NCAA and the NBA respond to that. Perhaps in basketball more than any other sport, high schoolers are more physically ready to play in the pros. So, if the NCAA is really a ‘feeder’ organization, then let’s get rid of it. College is supposed to be valued. You don’t see many investment bankers ‘declare’ for the pros. Part of  the problem is the high exposure these people get, and at such an early age. The exposure won’t stop. Maybe, Brandon Jennings can change the course of ‘student’-athletes in the future. Maybe he’s an example, positively or negatively, for many athletes to come. Or maybe he’s the exception. Whatever ends up happening, Brandon Jennings will force the NCAA to think.

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Sabathia Wins

Well, that was quick. CC Sabathia won his first start in Milwaukee. I keep saying, Milwaukee has to feel energized by this trade, knowing that their management supports them.

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Brand to Sixers.

Very active day for hot-stove junkies. But this one comes from the NBA. Elton Brand will sign with the Sixers. Huge loss for the Clips, who could’ve teamed with Baron Davis and Brand together. That would’ve been a formidable lineup. Nevertheless, it is a huge coup for the Sixers. Don’t care how much money he costs. He’s worth all 82 million. Because he instantly upgrades this team, which in a weak Eastern Conference, save for the Celtics and Pistons is a huge deal. A surprise playoff team last year, adding Brand will solidify the frontcourt. Imagine Brand and Igudola up front. They have a nice nucleus of players, with Andre Miller, Thaddeus Young. It’s an exciting time for Sixers fan, because this move puts the Sixers as one of the front-runners in the East.

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Harden to Cubs- Point. Counterpoint.

So the Brewers got CC Sabathia. The Cubs wanted him. Their response? Acquiring Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin from the A’s.  After I glowed about the Sabathia trade, the Cubs made a great move. Harden and Zambrano rivals Sheets and Sabathia. It could be equal. Granted, Sabathia is a better pitcher than Harden. And Harden is injury-prone. But credit to the Cubs. They weren’t going to sit back, and rely on their current roster, which, as currently assembled, is pretty darn good. It was a fun race to begin with, and these recent trades only heighten that. It’s going to be great summer, and a great race, in the NL Central.

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Fuentes to Rays?

Here’s a idea, total speculation on my part. What about Brian Fuentes to the Rays? With Percival on the DL, they need a solid reliever, and he’s the best on the market. Thoughts?

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Sabathia to Brewers

Wow. A steal by the Brew Crew. CC Sabathia traded to the Brewers for minor-league prospects. Brewers guarantee a spot in October, writes Cliff Corcoran. Jeff Passan thinks the Brewers got the best of this deal.  Ken Rosenthal likes the deal also.  My thoughts on it? A steal. Highway robbery. Cleveland settled, which I think is odd, because they could’ve waited. They had 3 weeks until the trading deadline. I don’t know why they didn’t hold out for more/better prospects. Cubs were interested. Yankees too. But credit Brewers GM Doug Melvin, for putting his team into contention, and onto the map with one deal. Brewers can hit, and now they have a great 1-2 punch, with Sabathia and Sheets. Watch out, NL. The Brewers are coming!

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Olympic Moments

ESPN has a neat feature on their website. They present the stories that captivate our hearts from Olympics past, and hopefully, Olympics in the future. Check it out.

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A Change in Philosophy

Hello Readers-

As I’ve ventured into blogging, I’ve learned my strengths and weaknesses. I’ve learned what my readers like and dislike. So, with that said, I’m going to be making some changes here at The Blog of Champions. Although it’s one of my favorite segments, we’re getting rid of Links and Notes. It’s just not popular enough. We’re going to focus more on sports. After all, that is what I post most about, and I’d like to think I have some expertise in it. The blog will consist of sports topics, as well as my Rants and Raves. Occasionally, we’ll dabble in music. And, when election season heats up, we will cover that race in depth. For now, you’ll be seeing a bunch of sports, and rants and raves, as well as the weekly podcast.

I want to thank all of the readers that make The Blog of Champions one of the fastest growing and most popular blogs on the internet. Without you, this would be nothing.

Thanks again-

The Blog of Champions

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