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I may be behind the times here, but I just found about Flight of the Conchords. Absolutely hilarious! My good friend Nick told me about it, and now I can’t get enough.

Here are some of my favorite videos:


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Links and Notes

There is a new golden boy, writes Pat Forde. Sarah Kwak questions the Lightning’s strategy this offseason. Randy Shannon and the Miami Hurricanes look to improve over last season. And there were a bunch of records broken at the US Olympic Swim Trials.

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Sorry for the lack of updates lately; I’ve had a bunch of family functions to attend. Expect a roundup of the NBA and NHL free agency periods, along with Links and Notes

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Links and Notes

Dodgers got no-hit, and won, writes Tim Kurkjian. Steve Aschburner says why Kevin McHale loves Kevin Love.

Slow day for news today. I’ll be out all day, so there won’t be anymore posts.

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Sad news. UGA VI died today. A staple of college Football, and of College Football mascots, UGA will be missed. 

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Links and Notes

Bruce Howard tries to make it on the field, and on the floor, writes Adam Rittenberg. College athletes try to make the Olympic Squad, says Kevin Armstrong. The Late Heath Ledger is receiving rave reviews for his work in The Dark Knight, and will be honored in the final credits. 

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To the right of the posts, you will see my blogroll. In it, I provide links to my favorite websites and writers on the ‘net. I’m usually attracted to the stories that involve sports, but are outside of sports. In other words, I like the side story, the human interest stories. So, please, click on the links, and peruse the great articles. 

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Goodell gets it right

Finally, something has been said. Now something has to be done. Roger Goodell thinks the rookie pay scale is ‘ridiculous’.  There is no need for unproven, untested, rookies to get that insane amount of money. On a separate note, if teams are giving this crazy amount of money to rookies, can’t this money be given to something good? Charities? It seems to me that there are 30 million better ways to spend 30 million than on a football player. But I digress. Rookies make way too much money. The Players Association will fight this, but they really have no case. If a team misses on a rookie, they’re set back for years. If this gets done, there won’t be the holdouts. The rookies will get into camp on time, and learn the playbook, and become productive faster. Look, part of the problem with these entitled rookies is that they get all this money so quickly. It’s not good for them. They’re only 22. If they hold out, they create separation from the veterans, who will not give you any respect. With a reduced pay scale, all these issues can be ironed out, and the league will benefit for it. 

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Links and Notes

The Knuckleball is dying, writes John Bolster. Here are ESPN’s Chad Ford’s Draft Grades. Want a laugh? Read Bill Simmons’ draft diary. Dan Wetzel, a Blog of Champions favorite, has his draft winners and losers. Inside Darrell Arthur’s crazy night, with Luke Winn. Chris Mannix shares his draft thoughts. Mike Kahn has his draft thoughts, as do the folks over at NBADraftnet.

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