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Jim McKay

I had been debating all day whether to cover the tragic passing of legendary sportscaster Jim McKay. Up until today, I had never even heard of him. I didn’t think it was proper to comment on someone’s life if I hadn’t even known they existed. It wouldn’t be fair. But then I researched. And I learned. And I realized, that it would be even more improper not to comment. You see, I hadn’t been alive for the Munich Games in 1972. I knew about the situation, I knew what had happened. But since I wasn’t there, I couldn’t relate to the emotion. And after watching the replays of McKay’s reports, I felt like I was there, albeit 36 years later. And that’s what anyone wants from a reporter. You want to feel like you are there. And that’s how I felt. Although I never knew, I missed out. I missed out on the glory days of reporting. I missed Jim McKay. 36 years later, I got chills. 36 years later, I felt it. I felt the emotion. I felt the tragedy. And I wished I could hear more. I wish that I could’ve heard Jim McKay’s reporting, no matter the story, no matter the situation. The world misses you, Jim. And although I never knew you, I miss you too.


June 7, 2008 - Posted by | Sports, TV

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