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William C. Rhoden has a great article over at the NY Times. And he raises, I think, a few very important questions: Was Big Brown, Big Brown, due to the Winstrol injections every month? We will never know. I agree with everything Rhoden has to say. The sport has issues, no doubt. And his last line is particularly fitting :” The Sport needs reform.” And interesting take on the issue. My take on the whole subject? I think horse racing needs a hero, but before it can have that, it needs change. It needs uniformity, to protect these horses. These horses, being the marvelous athletes that they are, need proper conditioning, proper training, to reach that potential. Seeing these horses up close and personal is truly amazing. Their muscles are amazing. The problem, is they are supporting that huge frame on human like ankles. Now, that’s just they way they are born. But there must be a way to prevent tragedy, to prevent disappointment, and let the sport rise up again, and captivate us. I’m no horse racing expert, so any out there feel free to comment with your thoughts. 


June 8, 2008 - Posted by | Sports

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