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Lakers-Celtics Game 4 Halftime Thoughts

Wow. Wow. What a first half by the Lakers. Lamar Odom. Where was he? He was on fire tonight. Trevor Ariza, providing great energy off the bench.  And the best part? Kobe’s not scoring. When you can get that kind of lead without your best player producing, it’s a very good thing. I was impressed by the Lakers control. They never got too relaxed, even with the huge lead. Now, the Celtics. Where to start? Cold from the field. Terrible, terrible defense. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you can’t worry about Kobe. You have to play solid team defense, covering all five guys. Kobe will beat man-to-man, but you won’t have those outlet passes to the open jump shooter. Did Rondo’s injury contribute to this? Possibly. But the main reason, and its quite simple, KG and Paul Pierce aren’t producing. Allen is, but you need Pierce’s scoring, KG’s defense to really win. Lakers look like they’re having fun, an underrated, but important part of the game. Dominant half by the Lakers. 

And again, great job ESPN/ABC with the NBA coverage. I don’t usually like their other coverage, but some of their old footage gives me chills down my spine.


June 12, 2008 - Posted by | Sports, TV

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