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Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Amazing comeback. Never expected that. What a game. I’m still sticking with Celtics in 5. Eddie House. James Posey. The 2nd half Celtics mirrored the 1st half Lakers. Dominant play from not so dominant players. Still, this is great for the league. 4 amazing games. The Celtics are one of the most resilient teams I’ve seen in a while. You can see the chemistry. Great Defense. Team Defense, which is so important. The Lakers have a huge task at hand. They need, need, Kobe to score, and score big. They can’t rely on Trevor Ariza. They can’t rely on Odom. They need Kobe. Kobe, for the most part, has disappeared this series. You can look at his point totals, but that is meaningless when you watch him. He can score 30 with eyes closed. But the way he’s scoring, settling for those mid-range jumpers. He needs to attack the rim. What a game for the bench of Boston. The veteran bench coming through. This was such a demoralizing defeat for the Lakers, because they had this game in the 1st quarter. They were 21, 24 in the second half. And they blew it. This was their chance to even it up, take game 5 at home, and be in the drivers seat going back to Beantown. But they choked, and now, they have to have an historic comeback.


June 13, 2008 - Posted by | Sports

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