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Tim Russert

Sad, sad news today. Tim Russert, NBC political analyst, has died at the age of 58. I will always remember reading his book, Big Russ and Me, and talking to my father about it. I remember watching Meet the Press,learning about the nation. I remember asking my dad questions about who that senator was, who that person was. After reading Big Russ and Me, I had a new perspective on life. I learned about the daily struggles that people had to deal with. And after I read his book, my dad and I would speak about it, talk about life, its struggles, his struggles, his father, who I never met. The book reviews I read said that it’s a must-have for Father’s Day. Now I can only think, on the weekend of Father’s Day, that Tim Russert can’t spend time with his dad, his son can’t spend time with him. Life isn’t supposed to be this cruel. It isn’t supposed to take away lives of gracious, caring people. But that’s what happened today. His analysis on politics will be missed. His opinions will be missed. But there will be father’s and son’s across America who will miss the bond he had with them. I know my father will. I know I will. Tim Russert is more than just a journalist. He’s an icon. He has brought families back together. He has reported in times in crisis. He will always be remembered. He will be missed. And paraphrasing George Steinbrenner, I guess Heaven needed a journalist. 


June 13, 2008 - Posted by | Politics, TV

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