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My Initial Thoughts on the NBA Draft 1st Round

Interesting draft. First eight or so picks were expected. But Charlotte took DJ Augustin, instead of Brook Lopez, and the dominoes continued to fall. Jason Thompson at 12 was a surprise. As was the fall of Darrell Arthur. The Bayless-Rush trade was great… for Portland. Portland continues to add assets. And remember, they still haven’t played with Greg Oden yet. Indiana doesn’t really need a two-guard, which is what Rush is. I liked the Bayless pick for Indiana, especially with TJ Ford’s suspect health. On Arthur, who I had going to Indiana at 11, he should’ve gone to Indiana at 17, could’ve gone to Cleveland, New Jersey, Utah, Seattle. They were saying he had a kidney problem, but the kid can play. I love what Portland is doing. They get Bayless, they’re getting Arthur from New Orleans, and are not done for the night. This team is set for years of continued success. I do not understand Charlotte’s strategy. They could’ve had the best big man, in Brook Lopez, but, instead, took essentially a backup for Raymond Felton (although I think Augustin will eventually replace him). They took a foreign player in Ajinca, who is a couple of years away. They could’ve had Arthur. I love what Milwaukee has done, in trading for Richard Jefferson, drafting Joe Alexander. I think they are a point guard away from being great. Orlando has done a nice job, getting underrated Courtney Lee, who will be a nice complement in the backcourt to Jameer Nelson. Memphis is having a so-so draft. I love the Love pick, but not sure on the Greene pick, because he is essentially a Rudy Gay clone, and should’ve stayed at school.  I think Golden State did the wrong thing in taking Anthony Randolph, because they have a similar player in Brendan Wright. I would’ve taken either a center, like Koufos, or a nice offensive player, like a Courtney Lee, because they could lose a lot of players due to free agency. Overall, it’s been a interesting draft, dominated by freshman. I’ll be back tomorrow for team-by-team grades and analysis, and more thoughts.


June 26, 2008 - Posted by | Sports

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  1. Arthur doesn’t fit in Utah. I responded to your comment at my blog, I’m just rehashing that here. He would never see the court, and if he did… his play would get him in the doghouse in half a second.
    Nothing against Arthur… but his game doesn’t fit Sloan’s “my way or you’ll go to he**” style.

    Comment by UtesFan89 | June 27, 2008 | Reply

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