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NBA Draft Grades, Thoughts, Etc.

This was a draft dominated by freshman. I think there are more role players that stars. With that said, here are my grades. 

New Jersey: A+

New Jersey had the best draft tonight. They luck out and get Brook Lopez to fall to them. They also get Ryan Anderson, a solid scorer from the 4. And their second round pick, Chris-Douglas Roberts, will be starting next to Devin Harris for the next 10 years. Add this with their Richard Jefferson deal that brought them Yi Jianlian, and this team has a lot of offensive potential, while also getting cap room. Great job.

Portland: A

Great job with the trades, which seems to be GM’s Kevin Pritchard’s forte. They get Bayless, who will be leading the point for years to come. Nicholas Batum could contribute.  I think you got to include Greg Oden, who still hasn’t played a game yet.  Greg Oden really makes this draft what it is. This team, I truly believe, will be a championship contender for years to come.

Memphis: A-

Now with Mayo, they have a nice two guard to pair with Mike Conley. This is a young team with a lot of potential. They also get Darrell Arthur, who if you haven’t noticed, is one of my favorite players. This team is a big man away from really contending.

LA Clippers: A-

Yes, the LA Clippers. They got a great scoring 2-guard in Eric Gordon. They get a big, DeAndre Jordan, in the second round. He might take awhile, but he has talent. 

Miami: A-

Great job getting Beasley, and it appears like Mario Chalmers will be joining him too. Pair Beasley with Wade, Marion, and potentially Boozer or Brand, and this team contends right away.

Toronto: B+

I didn’t necessarily like their pick, Nathan Jawai, out of Australia, but they got the best player, if you consider Jermaine O’Neal. He and Bosh will be terrorizing the East for awhile.

Orlando: B+

Love Courtney Lee, think he will be stellar paired with Jameer Nelson.

Boston: B

I like Bill Walker, and think he will be starting for them in a few years. JR Giddens has character issues, but he can still play the game of basketball. He probably could’ve been had in the second, though.

Utah: B

They get two bigs, who can contribute. Tomic could be a steal. Kofous could start this year, or at least play significant minutes.

Indiana: B-

Rush will step in and contribute, although I would’ve kept Bayless. Either way, they also get Hibbert, a good face up 5, with tons of experience. He could conceivably start from day 1.

Phoenix: B-

Love Robin Lopez and love Malik Hairston. Only reason this is lower, is because they could’ve taken a Darrell Arthur, who has more offensive potential than Lopez. But, solid effort.

Cleveland: C+

Hickson can start right away at the 4, and continue to grow and develop.

Milwaukee: C+

Like Alexander, but Mbah a Moute, doesn’t make any sense, especially when they got Richard Jefferson earlier. 

Detroit: C+

Like the bigs they got, especially Plaisted. I would’ve kept DJ White, however. 

Seattle: C

Like Westbrook, love DJ White. If they didn’t trade some of their bigs they drafted, this would have been much higher. Westbrook and Durant will be scary good.

Chicago: C

Love the Rose pick, not so high on the others. 

Philadelphia: C

Like Marreese Speights, but that was it for the day. He will contribute pretty soon.

Golden State: C-

This draft is based on potential with Randolph. But Brendan Wright is a clone of Randolph, who they got for Jason Richardson. I like Richard Hendrix, but, something tells me that there is bust written all over Randolph. 

Houston: D+

Not sure what Houston is doing here. They get Darrell Arthur, but then trade him for Donte’ Greene. Not a good move.

Charlotte: D+

I love DJ Augustin, just not with this team, especially with Brook Lopez on the board. They should’ve taken Kofous, or Arthur with their second first rounder. 

Minnesota: D+

They are getting Love now, along with some other players. I think Love and Jefferson will be good, but I like Mayo. I liked this better with Mayo. Mike Miller will help on the perimeter. 

San Antonio: D+

Don’t get why they didn’t select Chalmers at 26. Hill might be a nice player, but Chalmers would have spelled Tony Parker, making Parker more effective for the stretch run. 

New York: D

Would have taken Lopez, or Augustin, or Bayless. You don’t know what you are going to get with Gallinari.

Sacramento: D-

I would’ve taken a point at 12, instead of reaching for Thompson. Singletary will not start. 

Washington: F

Worst draft of the night. Why take a project in McGee, who is years away, when you have a proven commodity in Darrell Arthur? Do not get it. Then they trade Bill Walker, who would have helped them. Crazy. 

No picks, or otherwise inconsequential: New Orleans, LA Lakers, Dallas, Atlanta, Nuggets

I think a number of teams will regret passing on Darrell Arthur and Mario Chalmers. They will be in the league for awhile.  This draft has a lot of role players to help with championship runs. 





June 27, 2008 - Posted by | Sports


  1. Dude, I loved the Mavs pick in the 2nd round. They got the the SEC player of the year in Shan Foster, who may very well be the best shooter in the entire draft.

    Comment by The Dude | June 27, 2008 | Reply

  2. He’s a shooter, but what else does he do?

    Comment by jayankee1 | June 27, 2008 | Reply

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