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I had this thought a little while ago. It was about baseball, more specifically the New York Yankees. Who would’ve thought they would be in the position they would be in? And the worst part? They have the talent. They have the talent to compete. They just can’t put it all together. They can’t seem to click on all cylinders at the same time. The Yankee teams of the late ’90s had this. They also had grit. They had passion. They had soul. And I don’t think this team has that. Now I’ll be the first to admit that this race isn’t over. But it sure looks like it. Granted, they happen to be in the hardest division in baseball, the AL East. You got the Rays, the Red Sox. Almost any other division the Yankees would be in first place. But not in the AL East. What Yankee fans have to realize is that it isn’t the teams fault. They just happen to be in the worst division at the worst time.


July 5, 2008 - Posted by | Sports

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