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Jennings to Europe

Brandon Jennings, top high school basketball recruit, committed to Arizona, is headed for Europe.  This will be a landmark move for college basketball, writes Jason Whitlock. Whitlock is right. Student-athletes, aren’t exactly ‘students’. And something needs to be done. Maybe Brandon Jennings is the next star in the NBA. But what he if loves playing in Europe, and subsequently stays there? How does the NCAA and the NBA respond to that. Perhaps in basketball more than any other sport, high schoolers are more physically ready to play in the pros. So, if the NCAA is really a ‘feeder’ organization, then let’s get rid of it. College is supposed to be valued. You don’t see many investment bankers ‘declare’ for the pros. Part of  the problem is the high exposure these people get, and at such an early age. The exposure won’t stop. Maybe, Brandon Jennings can change the course of ‘student’-athletes in the future. Maybe he’s an example, positively or negatively, for many athletes to come. Or maybe he’s the exception. Whatever ends up happening, Brandon Jennings will force the NCAA to think.

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