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We’ve narrowed it down to two cars,  The Kia Sorento, and the Hyundai Santa Fe. They’re pretty much the same cars, it’s just a matter of my personal taste. Thoughts?


June 22, 2008 Posted by | Cars | 1 Comment


We’re searching for a new car. Doesn’t this always seem like the most tedious of processes? We’re thinking of a number of cars. Honda. Acura. Jeep. Subaru. VW. There are too many choices. Personally, I liked the Acura TSX. Good vision, comfortable seat, which are all very important. The TL was good as well. Liked the Subaru Forester, but that was shot down. Haven’t looked at Honda’s yet, but you know what you’re getting. VW, good cars, like the Passat. There’s part of me that wants the small SUV, i.e the RAV4, or CRV. And there’s part of me that wants a smaller car. What do you guys think?

June 8, 2008 Posted by | Cars | 2 Comments