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Now with the Tomato outbreak, the world can now move onto spam? So says David Grimes, columnist for the Herald Tribune in Florida. Makes sense, right? Spam will always live on, and without those tomatoes, maybe spam can be the option.

By the way, I’ll be back for my Lakers-Celtics halftime thoughts.


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I hate this whole tomato salmonella thing.(By the way, the reporter is Kathryn Brown, who, in about 2 months, will be my cousin-in-law, which I guess is the correct terminology.) I love tomatoes. I think most people do. Sometimes there’s nothing better than just fresh sliced tomatoes, maybe a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Even thinking about that gets my mouth watering. I can deal with salmonella in chicken. Because you don’t eat raw chicken. At least I don’t. But I rarely, if ever, eat cooked tomatoes. I just don’t like them cooked. Does this mean ketchup is off limits? Tomato sauce? And the fact that the tomato industry is suffering is a joke. Well, I genuinely feel bad for them. But I had no idea there was an entire industry.

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Orange Juice

Have you guys seen this Tropicana Orange Juice Ad?

I don’t know about you, but that seems over the top. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there’s nothing better than a good glass of OJ. But this seems way over done. Who knew orange juice could evoke that kind of emotion?

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Here are some of my favorite foods:

Pasta, especially Penne a la Vodka

Any type of beef, preferably hamburgers

Love Sushi, and Chinese food

Enjoy ice cream, vanilla, and on occasion coffee

If I can recommend one food item, it is to try Black Cod Miso. Some fish mongers will sell it. You marinade the cod in the miso dressing, and it turns out to be the most tender, flavorful fish. A must-try.

I’ve soured on Chicken lately. Don’t know why. 

Love a good caesar salad.

And when I’m sick, the best thing is just plain pasta with butter. Makes me feel better right away


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