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There is no good music out there. Sure, there are some great artists. But the majority of the songs being played on the radio is rap, rap, rap. Some rap can be could. But half the time I can’t even understand the lyrics. Music has lost its luster. Now, I know I wrote about the new Coldplay album; that’s different, since that music has stood the test of time. Where are the innovators? Where is the passion in music? I feel like it’s all about who is the most marketable, not the best singer. Would Billy Joel make it today? Would Elton John? Would The Beatles? I’m not sure. I wish I knew. Because these are the artists that make music great. Music isn’t supposed to be filled with insensitivity’s  and derogatory comments. Music is art. Music isn’t money.


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Anyone get the new Coldplay album? Great. They are such an underrated band, and I don’t think they get enough credit for their great music. It’s also a good album to listen to after a long day. I absolutely recommend it. 

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More Music

Here is What I’ve been listening to lately.

1. Jason Mraz

2. The Wood Brothers

3. Stevie Wonder

4. Bruce Springsteen

5. Billy Joel

6. Dispatch

7. Guster 

This, to me, is real music. I don’t need any of the crappy  hip-hop. All I hear on the radio is the rappers who rap about the same things every day. It just annoys me so much. 

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I’ve been listening to the new Jason Mraz album lately. I’d give it a 4.5 out of 5. Very solid. Check out, I’m Yours, Lucky (featuring the very sweet Colbie Calliet), If It Kills Me, and A Beautiful Mess. He’s underrated, I think. He has a great voice, his songs catchy, and his lyrics very meaningful. Check it out, if you got a chance. 

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