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Tim Russert

Sad, sad news today. Tim Russert, NBC political analyst, has died at the age of 58. I will always remember reading his book, Big Russ and Me, and talking to my father about it. I remember watching Meet the Press,learning about the nation. I remember asking my dad questions about who that senator was, who that person was. After reading Big Russ and Me, I had a new perspective on life. I learned about the daily struggles that people had to deal with. And after I read his book, my dad and I would speak about it, talk about life, its struggles, his struggles, his father, who I never met. The book reviews I read said that it’s a must-have for Father’s Day. Now I can only think, on the weekend of Father’s Day, that Tim Russert can’t spend time with his dad, his son can’t spend time with him. Life isn’t supposed to be this cruel. It isn’t supposed to take away lives of gracious, caring people. But that’s what happened today. His analysis on politics will be missed. His opinions will be missed. But there will be father’s and son’s across America who will miss the bond he had with them. I know my father will. I know I will. Tim Russert is more than just a journalist. He’s an icon. He has brought families back together. He has reported in times in crisis. He will always be remembered. He will be missed. And paraphrasing George Steinbrenner, I guess Heaven needed a journalist. 


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I have differing views on this. I like Obama, and I don’t like McCain. But it’s not that simple. McCain does have a ton of experience, while Obama is just a neophyte. I feel like McCain will be Bush 2.0, which, obviously, is not a good thing. And i think Obama is JFK 2.0, which, depending on your view, is a good thing. The problem is, for me, is how is Obama going to respond to the first, inevitable, crisis. It seems like McCain would have an advantage in that regard. But I think there is no way McCain wins, and it is quite clear-cut: Obama will crush McCain in debates. He will obliterate him. McCain will lose this election based on the fact that he is boring, he is not passionate, and he seems uninterested. Obama, on the other hand, will bring his lively passion to the debates. Another problem with this country, is that a lot of people, and this might be a generalization, vote on who they like. Consider this: At your local elections, you usually vote for whatever party you are affiliated with. I don’t think people take the time to consider the issues surrounding you in your community. Now, take this principle and apply it to the general election. Will people just vote Democrat because they are, and vice-versa? I think there will be a number of people who will. But also, when it comes down to  it, are people really going to vote for a black man? As sad as it is, it might be true. Racism is still the elephant in the room, whether you like to admit it or not. It’s always going to be there. That might be Obama’s biggest problem. But, if he can sway the American public in debates, he just might have a chance, he just might have a chance.

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Hillary Clinton conceded her campaign today. And one thing that annoys me is that she supported Obama. It doesn’t annoy me that she supported him. I personally am an Obama fan. But who else was she going to support? John McCain? Ralph Nader? I mean, she’s still a Democrat, and wants the Democratic party to win. I think at this point, it’s moot. Of course she is going to support Obama. She doesn’t have a choice. If she had conceded when there were more candidates, then, yes, supporting Obama would be fine. She rips this guy, trying to beat him, and now heaps praise on him. It’s hypocritical. While it would have been worse to support someone else, the way she did it was wrong. My question, and I’m sure it’s on the mind of many Democrats is: Is she wrangling for a VP position? Her camp has denied this. But part of me still thinks an Obama-Clinton Super Ticket would be unbeatable come November. 

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